A Boutique Managed Hosting Business

Providing, managed hosting services with (IAAS)


First and foremost, welcome. We appreciate your interest in our business. Swift Host is pioneering a new hosting business that offers exceptional customer service. Years in the hosting and data industry have taught us that businesses are taking a new approach to managing their IT. Many business are adopting the internet in every facet of their company to improve their operations, the down side is with this unmanaged adoption; data retention, ownership and security are compromised. Some of our clients have been "pigeon hold"and "feared mongered" into a "total control" situation from their past providers. We believe that is bad business and not transparent. Our goal is to partner with our clients to create fast managed application environments that exceed customer expectations. We provide useful documentation, recommendations and independent recovery situations in case of server failures.

Core Business: Application Hosting
Applications can be any web or server based environment that we provision and configure in our data centres, We then work with out clients to build an system sphere that matches their requirements.

Built to Scale
Most clients don't understand or have specifications for their requirements because each situation is different and in order to give the best cost and best plan we have to take this approach. We can give you pricing based on server criteria.

  • number of processors
  • number of memory
  • number of hard drive space

But we can not give you an exact cost on your requirement, because we are building it together. Using the Genesis Method we slowly create your System Sphere over time, adding and adjusting infrastructure resources to match. To do this we work on an hourly rate. Though we do application setup average costs based on past performance.

Offsite vs Onsite
Onsite infrastructure is costly, and hard to maintain. It is common practice to eliminate onsite operational infrastructure and build backup data retention systems in the business local environment.


Communication: We strive to communicate clearly with each of our clients
Education: We strive to educate our clients and give them understanding to make informed decisions.
Responsive: We strive to be responsive offering prompt customer service